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Logging into Zoom Premium
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Logging into Zoom Premium

**Please note you will lose your current Zoom meeting times when doing this!

***If you are asked to consolidate your account, please consolidate into the Account.


  1. Log out of your current Zoom instance.



  1. Relaunch Zoom, and when you get to the login screen, click “Sign in with SSO”






  1. Type in “lasd-us” under Your Company Domain and click continue.




  1. This will redirect you to the LASD ADFS screen in a web browser. From here, please type in your district credentials. Click Sign In




  1. Once you sign in, it will redirect you to a launch page in your browser. Please click the “Open” button in the notification box. If you do not get the notification box, please click the big “Launch Zoom” button.





  1. Enjoy Zoom.







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