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Epson Easy Interactive Driver Setup
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Setting up the Epson Easy Interactive Tools and Driver

**Notes: You may or may not have to complete the manual adding of either of these applications as outlined in step 5. Input monitoring may not have the Interactive Driver, and you should therefore manually add it as seen step 5. 



1. Launch Both Easy Interactive Tools Ver 5.01 and Easy Interactive Driver Ver 4 from the applications folder or Launchpad. Note that launching the driver will not actually open a program. After launching these programs, you may get the following popup, click OK. 



2. Launch System Preferences either from Launchpad, applications, or the Apple. 


3.Click on "Security and Privacy"



4. Go to "Privacy" (Red Circle), then unlock the the lock (Green circle). Use your password for this. 



5. Accessibility. 

5a. Make sure the Easy Interactive Tools agent is checked. 



5b. Click the  add button ("+" (plus))



5c. Locate the Easy Interactive Driver folder in Applications



5d. Select the Easy Interactive Driver application (Red circle), then click open (Green circle)


5e. Make sure the Driver is in Accessibility with the check next to its name



6. Screen Recording. Enable the checkbox next to the Easy Interactive Tools



6. Input Monitoring. Check both boxes for Easy Interactive Driver and Easy Interactive tools agent. 









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