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Canvas - PowerSchool Sync
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SIS (PowerSchool) Integration


In order to get Canvas to communicate with PowerSchool, the course needs to be 1) created by by PowerSchool and 2) have the correct grading categories. 


In order to get the grading categories into Canvas, please follow these instructions:


1. Go to the assignments page on your canvas class.


2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “Import Assignment Groups.” Canvas will pull your categories from PowerSchool and pop them into Canvas (This may take a couple minutes).


3. You’ll need to move all of your existing assignments/quizzes/etc into the new categories. The new ones will have the little PowerSchool sync symbol.


4. After you have moved the assignments to the graded categories, you should delete the old categories (if you any). 


Canvas Should now be communicating with PowerSchool.

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