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Canvas - Full PowerSchool Sync
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This article will show you how to preform a full Remaster Grade Passback to PowerSchool. In normal people words, this means that it is going to post ALL GRADES FOR ALL STUDENTS IN ALL SECTIONS FOR THAT COURSE.


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1. Navigate to your canvas course. Click on course Settings at that bottom of the side bar.


2. Click on the tab labeled "Navigation"


3.Find the item called "Grade Sync" and Enable it. Then click Save. (If it is already enabled, please disable it, click save, then enable it). This will add a new tab to the side bar called "Grade Sync"


4. Navigate to the new tab called "Grade Sync"


5. Click on the top tab labeled "Settings." Please also enable the "Nightly Sync" setting next to the the "Remaster Grade Passback"


6. Click "Remaster Grade Passback." It will remind you that it will post grades for all sections for all assignments.


7. Wait about 5 minutes for the full sync to finish, then check powerschool to see if the grades have synced.

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